DIY How to Drill China Idiots Guide to WoodWorking

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hello everybody back here for a little

idiots guide to woodworking again not

quite woodworking but it's out here in

the wood shop so we're gonna go ahead

and call it the axe I don't really have

another name to call it so what we're

about to do here is we're going to go

ahead and drill a hole in this lovely

plate this is a nice fine china plate

it's actually out of Japan it's occupied

Japan so it's got a little edge to it

but it does have quite a bit of weird to

it there's a beautiful little tree

beautiful Swan all that good stuff but

I'm not concerned about it has no real

good value by itself as a plate so what

we're gonna do is we're going to

actually drill a hole in there using a

diamond-tipped hole saw bit this right

here bit is exactly a 20 I think it's

like 20 20 see if I can find it here a 8