how to cut a hole in a cast iron soil pipe

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In this video we're going to cut a hole

in a cast iron soil stack. This is so we

can connect a waste pipe into

the soil stack using a mechanical boss.

I will cover that in a later video.

To cut the hole in the soil stack we're going

to use this quality hole saw which is a

Starrett and that is a 57mm one

or a two and a quarter inch. To use this

you will need an arbor that simply

screws in there like so, and then you

simply push that part forwards.

We can then fit that into the cordless drill.

I'm just going to remove the hole

saw until we get through with the actual

pilot drill. That way if we press

it on hard the teeth aren't actually going

to slam into the cast iron drain pipe.

Ideally you would use a mains powered drill

for doing this but I'm actually

going to use this cordless drill and I'm