Drilling High Carbon Steel- Tips and tricks!

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hello everyone this is Leon Vanguard of

Vanguard smithing and today I want to go

over some quick troubleshooting tips and

ways around some problems when drilling

high carbon steel let's get started okay

so today I want to go over three major

steps to get rid of all your ponds with

drilling high carbon steel first of all

is properly kneeling this right here is

a piece of 1095 high carbon steel and I

actually when I quench this a hardened

almost the entire blade - the Tang at

the very back right here I think that

drops from 1500 down to 800 degrees in

less than 11 seconds hardens when

dealing with any carbon steel it's above

0.5% now I need to bring that that that

hardness back down so you see here I

torch the the handle from here bringing

the torch up bringing the torch up and

very carefully only hitting a spine long