Do You Drill into the Brick or the Mortar?

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hello and welcome to the building share

today we're gonna answer that question

do you drill into the brick or do you

drill into the mortar well it's easy if

you know how but if you're not sure

about to tell you firstly tools you will

need now most of us have these things

we've got a power drill the one I've got

I remember getting thirty years ago it

still works fine I've got some

SuperDuper Pro ones but I keep this one

at home for my own DIY also you're gonna

need a cordless drill if you've got one

as they called a screwdriver if not a

normal screwdriver we'll do a level if

you're going to be putting two points

we're just going to drill one but if you

had something you wanted to hang that

was that far apart well you just put

your level across there we're gonna use

a six mil masonry drill bit and to go