Drilling into Brick

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hi chickens hi sweetie

welcome to my chicken coop and my 30

second video on how to drill into brick

what I was showing you my planters that

I made and stained a lot of you wanted

to know how it was that I secured them

into the brick and it's easy easy easy

easy so I thought I would do this 30

second video on how to drill into brick

thirty Seconds because that's about how

much time I have left on my camera so to

drill into brick really the only two

things that you need to remember is the

heed a special type of drill bit which

is hi chicken it's not a hi chicken

drill bit it's a masonry drill bit which

has a different sort of tip on it that

lets you drill through something really

tough like mortar or concrete or brick

and you also need something like this

which is a it's called a bunch of