Drilling in Tight Places

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drilling in difficult locations is no

fun when you're building a plane here's

an example of what I mean by by a

difficult location we need to put a hole

right here we note that the best we can

do with our drill is go in at an angle

we could cheat and try and drill this

hole if the bit didn't slip we would end

up with an angled hole and if this were

a thick piece of metal that would be

even worse our drill is simply too large

to get our bit straight in at the

location we want our hole the problem we

have is relatively simple the distance

between the tip of the bit and the back

of the drill is too large we could put a

smaller bit in but that only helps a

little bit to pardon the pun so we need

a new tool to get that distance as small

as possible to tackle those situations

where we have a tight location here are