How to Drill Holes in Rocks for Jewelry with a Dremel (Rotary Tool)

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hi welcome to Tristan Safford art I'm

Tristan Safford and today I will be

showing you how I personally do this you

may find a better way but how I drill

holes in rocks for jewelry


so the first step that I take is I clamp

down my stone in a vise and I make sure

that I use some kind of padding some

kind of I've got some foam in here and I

just screwed it down tight so that this

won't move at all but it is still

protected from the metal of the vise

itself and then you see here I have a

few different tools that you can use so

I generally start my hole with the

tiniest little ball I can find and then

if I want a very skinny skinny skinny

skinny hole I'll use this needlepoint or

flame point you you can buy these

diamond point drills they work as well