Starfish Cut in Half with Water!

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this week we're going back to our roots

just two boys and one water jet and

Craig and a man we've got another eBay

find you remember that old commercial

where it was the it's on eBay and it was

like the bling-bling gold ring or

something like that owns that ring

that's on just a disclaimer this video

is not sponsored by eBay but how many

things have we bought off eBay several

if we should be sponsored by eBay make a

playlist put in the description and you

see all the things we bought on eBay

what have you brought us today everyone

already knows because they saw the title

no but for you Dan it's a starfish this

thing is like super pokey it weighs

about half an ounce completely dry I'd

say four ounces for ounces is it real

did we get gypped or that's real

you know what species it is it's a