Drilling a hole in a rock for jewelry

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welcome back to the shop as most of you

know I do little hobbies where I cut

little rocks like this focus okay

focus there we go all right I'd cut

little rocks like this and used for

jewelry and some people want to know if

I can drill a little tiny hole in there

and so I ordered some of these some of

these old drill bits they were a dollar

maybe 50 cents apiece 10 bucks for the

whole set on Amazon and they are you can

zoom in there pretty much this diamond

coated crappy drill bits

I guess there's metal or they are metal

I think and it looks like they just dip

them in epoxy and and then dip them in

some diamond powder kind of like a sugar

cookie yeah we're gonna see how they

work for today's experiment what we need

is the rock the drill bit the brick to

put everything on and a bucket of water