Drilling Large Holes in Stainless Steel the Easy Way

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here's a short video I put together that

may help someone out that needs to make

some large holes and stainless steel I

sure would have liked to have seen

something like this before starting our

faucet upgrade the kitchen faucet in our

condo was over 30 years old and the

faucet stems kept going bad every couple

of months and it cost a lot to replace

it was adding up I decided to upgrade to

a dura pullout RV style which fit

perfectly into the small stainless steel

sink but it had a different hole pattern

so I decided to cut some new holes how

hard could that be it turned out to be a

little harder than I thought the

stainless steel on the older sink it's a

little tougher than I expected I first

started out with a bi-metal hole cutting

bit but after 20 minutes of cutting and

not making much progress I'm looking