HOW TO DRILL A HOLE IN A SEASHELL ♥ Drilling Holes in Shells Tutorial (Mermaid Crafts for Adults)

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Hello it is Mermaid Phantom, your northern, Michigan mermaid, from TheMagicCrafter.com. The waters pretty cold in Lake

Michigan, since Falls almost over and winter is almost here, so we're going to be doing some mermaid crafting videos.

But don't worry! There will be more swimming videos coming soon. I have stockpiled a few of those for you.

Today, we're gonna learn how to drill a hole in a seashell

so you can make a magical craft such as this beautiful mermaid necklace and

It's going to be super easy. Don't worry about it.

We are going to be using a drill, so make sure that if you need help you ask for it.

And make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear

for using a drill when you drill seashells. They do give off little particles

I can get in your lungs.

So you want to make sure that you have your nose and mouth covered

with some sort of respiratory protection and

Also make sure that you have something to cover your eyes in case you have anything fly up that could get into your eyes.

You don't want them scratched up trust me! In order to drill a hole in a seashell

you will need (like I said) some safety gear... make sure you have something covering your nose and your mouth

so you don't breathe any of the shell dust. Also make sure you have eye protection

I'm kind of being bad and not using anything to cover my nose or mouth at the moment because I need you to be able

to hear what I'm saying... but

make sure you are being safe. I'm doing something bad right now.

Don't do what I'm doing.

Next, you will need a