How to drill a hole in a rock for jewelry

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all right my name is Jerry and I'm gonna

give a quick demonstration on how to

drill a hole in a rock using a driving

diamond drill bit what I'm going to be

using is this old craftsman drill here

and we got these different drill bits

diamond drill bits but if I were just to

try and mount these in my drill and try

to drill a hole through a rock all these

diamonds on the end here would wear off

and it wouldn't cut and it would burn up

right away so you have to use water when

you're using these things and you have

to allow the diamond to do the cutting

so you don't get too much of a buildup

and heat so the way I get water onto

this thing is I use a lid to a jar and

this one has some polishing compound in

it that's why it's green but I put this

under my drill let's set this up now

there hopefully that's right it up whoo