How to drill a hole into a ceramic sink toilet pedestal bathroom loo urinal,

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hi guys my name's Richard I'm 365 drills

and what can show you today is how to

drill a hole through your a sink of a

complex curved shape or a toilet pan

also in a complex curved shape reason

that people need to do that is that they

often buy sinks toilets and equipment

that have got holes in one place the

pipe works fixed into a bathroom can't

be moved so the easiest ways to drill

Weaver through the sink or the toilet

the first type of plant that's going to

come through something like a service

pipe and the second one is going to be

decorative something like if people want

anything lighting in there don't worry

people do so I'll show you that today

the seek care of the toilet here on mine

so we're not going to be drilling holes

it knows we better go and get ourselves

a sacrificial toilet pen I think so