Repair a Plastic Sink or Wash Basin Quick Fix

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if this patch doesn't work I'll tell you

at the end of the video like and

subscribe so this is a video that I've

never really intended to make I didn't

even really do any audio so I'm doing a

voiceover so what happened is I dropped

something in my sink I can't remember

what it was something heavy and

basically it put a hole and a crack in

the bottom of my plastic sink and I hope

you know I don't normally fix things in

this way like I would do a proper fix on

this but it was kind of like an

emergency situation I mean the sinks all

dirty everything looks gross I don't

really have nice lighting or anything

but you can see the hole down there in

the crack and really I I was struggling

because I needed to get this fixed

immediately so I thought this would

actually end up being helpful for some