How to drill a hole in a GLASS bottle - Bong Tutorial

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be a pretty pass got caught with the

goddamn mastermind what's going on side

hustle here today I'm gonna teach you

guys how to drill a hole in any glass

bottle you heard correctly any glass

bottle I literally mean any glass pot if

you want to drill a hole in your mom's

favorite coffee mug go for gonna drill a

hole through your dad's car window I

don't give a [ __ ] you want to make a

bong out of the liquor bottle I would

suggest you pick up an L stem kit on

Amazon I'll leave a link in the

description all right let's get into it

before drilling into your mom's favorite

coffee mug aka a 175 the Crown Royal you

want to make sure it's held down very

tightly getting your bottle held down

tightly will make your life a lot easier

for this demonstration I'm using a clamp