DIY How To Make A Hole In Mirror | Circle Cut Glass in ONE Minute | How to Cut Glass & Mirrors

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hello guys today I'm going to show you

how to make a hole on the mirror of the

glass or anything like this and the

things you need is a drill obviously

with the drill and you need that flat

wheel these special believe you can get

on either like create a pattern of two

thousand things I need some water

I don't see that diamond it goes on the

on the middle so the first thing you're

going to do going to do is to put some

water on the mirror see ya so obviously

you need a mirror okay so you make your

make your point which we want to make

the hole example so in the middle right

here put some water over it and that

water is the reason want me to water the

screen we put that thrill on here it

gets wrong and you don't want to do that

just in case to break it or something so

we're just going to do that okay so