Drill a Hole in a Glass Bottle

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there are two common types of drill bits

for drilling holes in glass this is a

dubbing bit it has a rough flat hollow

tip this is a carbide bit it looks more

similar to a regular drill bit with a

pointed tip personally I prefer the

diamond bits I'm going to show two

different techniques that you can use

with either type of bit it's easy to use

too much pressure and mess up the hole

that you are trying to me sometimes when

you break through the glass the drill

can bump the bottle and make the hole

too big another thing that can happen

with too much pressure is blowout on the

inside of the bottle if you haven't ever

drilled holes in glass bottles before I

recommend practicing a few times before

drilling into the bottle you want the

hole in with both types of these bits

it's better to think of it not as