DIY Guitar Pick Necklace w/ Elise

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hey guys welcome to my channel today i'm

gonna do a DIY do-it-yourself pic

necklace basically what i like to do is

i like to have i like to buy these off

ebay or wherever I can find them Aran's

I like to put normal pics on the link

they don't need to like solve they've

already come like pre-made and so

usually what I do to add to my

collection I have like three of these I

bought this bought black ball chain on

eBay I'll put the link down below so

basically what I like to do is I like to

buy any pics that I like that I think

are cool like off eBay you can get pics

at Sam Ash or Guitar Center basically

you can it doesn't need to be a ball

chain necklace it could be like as long

as you make the hole big enough you can

basically fit these pics anywhere you

just need a necklace to put the pics in