How to drill a hole through a plate for a cake stand

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hi guys I'm some off overnight shadow

lady on Amazon forgot you okay I've got

to plug that it's the only book of them

better right the right possible to do

one of these cakes done so got a few

place just just old place we've got

actually gone from the car build I'm not

gonna hold up not bothered but we're

going to deal with these plates benadryl

emitted for this dynasty you see I

started gentleman in the center

somewhere but first we put some tape on

the back to move stick good good strong

sticky tape type stuff what this

actually does try get it roughly when

it's really so right piece of tape is

this so define got it first you've got

to get out all the air bubbles and it

fits crease there anything take you back

off and do it again now might be with

that what it does is it tends to stop it