Drilling A Glass Insulator

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today are on the vintage ethic I'm going

to show you how to roll hole in a glass

insulator to use glass insulators in my

steampunk life projects I need to draw a

holing to the top of the glass insulator

this will allow me to insert a bulb

socket and the wiring needed to connect

to the base of the lamp here are the

supplies we need of course a glass

insulator I'm going to use plumber's

putty a 1/2 inch hollow cork diamond tip

drill bit let's use the drill press the

tool for measuring and I'm going to

improvise by using a paint scraper

in a pen and for safety I use hearing

protection and I finally you'll need

some water before we start I want to

point out the kind of diamond tip oh

poor fit I like to use the one I have

has a clean out vs. bits they don't

here's the reason why I like it