DIY How to easily drill a hole in a Glass Bottle

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welcome to DIY easy crafts calm how to

drill hole in a glass bottle we're going

to use a diamond embedded bit these are

available for drills I prefer to use a

dremel grinder and we're not actually

going to drill holes through these

bottles we're going to grind holes the

trick to doing this successfully is to

use a lubricant I'm using a dremel

cutting oil but you can use any oil or

you can even use water you have to put a

drop of the oil on the bottle and then

also add some to the diamond bit and

then as you start to grind you'll see

that the bottle where you're grinding

but the material turns into a white

glass dust whenever you see that glass

dust become dry it's time to stop and

add or lubricant depending on how sharp

the diamond bit is this may only take

one or two drops or it may take you know