How to drill a hole in a glass block

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see if it's wrong hi we're here today

going to show you how we can drill a

hole in these glass blocks I called a

company where we live and they wanted

$25 for the first block and $15 there

after I came $5 for this little bit

right here

there's another game off of Amazon - 6

586 or something but it's this little

diamond round if you notice bit and this

is how we're going to put a hole like

this right here into this block right

here this one doesn't have one yet and

that's what we're gonna do so you really

need an assistant because it helps to

have have this held and also somebody to

run water to lubricate it and keep it

from getting too hot so here we go

enjoy the show okay start out slow

of course we have to have it plugged in