How to Make a Conch Shell Horn

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you don't need a lot of tools to make a

Concord of course you need a conch

you'll need something to measure with

you'll need a hacksaw a drill a file and


first and foremost start with a good

conch shell if you get one that's been

commercially harvested for meat then

you're gonna have to plug a hole round

about the fourth spiral somewhere in

here you can do that with epoxy and that

you'll have to add to your list of

ingredients or your list of tools but

it's something you can also plug with

your finger if you don't feel like

messing with the epoxy once you've found

your conch make sure it's good and clean

that means wash it out well make sure

none of the rezident is left inside and

then soak it overnight preferably using

a 10% bleach solution rinse it off