How to Drill Hole in Ceramic and Terra Cotta Pots

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hi friends this is Carmen welcome back

to my channel if you're new here my

channel is all about balcony gardening

succulents and houseplants in an

apartment setting and today I am going

to be showing you how to drill a hole in

a ceramic pot just like this where that

one or that one those are all ones that

I drilled holes in to make them planters

so if you want to learn how to do that

just stick around we're gonna get

started right now so these pots this

picture here got out of Thrissur I think

it was good will and I drilled a hole in

that one this was a bowl also at

Goodwill drill to hold him that one and

this one here was a little I think

utensil holder drilled a hole in that

one and I have a lot here on my patio

this soup cup don't the hold in that one

I think this one too