How to Drill Hole in Glass or Ceramic

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hey guys it's tresh them with upcycle

stuff you know the funny thing is once

people learn about you and who you are

and all the fun stuff you can do with

power tools they start bringing you all

their projects that they wanted to do

and never got around to so today that's

what I'm doing I've had a neighbor ask

me to drill a hole in this ceramic vase

so that she can turn it into a lamp and

then mom wants drainage holes drilled in

this old pot that she has and it's

chipped and everything but she really

likes it so I have to drill some holes

in that I also have a craft show coming

up and I do a lot of booze bottle bird

feeders so I drill holes in old liquor

bottles wine bottles and that sort of

thing so the process that I use today

for drilling holes in glass can also be

used in ceramic it's the same process so