How To Drill A Hole In An IKEA Linnmon Desk

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what's up guys Matt Fillion for swashing

TV and today I'm gonna be answering a

question that you guys asked me quite a

bit about the IKEA linman desk if you've

ever seen Pam I set up you know this

desk is insanely popular and that is

thanks to the very very affordable price

tag but of course with it being so

affordable you have to deal with the

cheap material which is basically a

piece of particle board with fiber board

on top and bottom so the question I

always get asked is Matt how do you

properly make a hole in the desk without

ruining it so before we get started

let's talk about what you're actually

going to need the way I'm going to be

showing you is actually using a grommet

if you're not using a grommet that's

fine that's just how I'm doing my

example so with that said the first