How to drill a bowling ball | Walking through the steps of drilling a bowling ball with switchgrip

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I know this seems stupid to the people

who you know I've been drilling a long

time no we don't need a you know video

to teach us how to drill balls we've

been drawing their own ball for 50 years

well you got a lot off a lot of awfully

new people who are drilling balls now

who are trying to get into the industry

and trying to understand how this works

and learn and do a little bit more for

their customers so I'm gonna start

putting out some of these real basic

videos just so you can watch these and

see the way I do things a little bit you

don't have to do them exactly the same

as me but maybe this will help you to

see it a little bit differently and to

give you an idea on how you want to make

it work for yourself for your customers

what's up guys junior Raymond back again

coming to you from Mr B classic Pro Shop