How to Drill a Hole in Stone and Attach Fasteners Like Screws

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hi everybody this is live See Jane drill

what you're looking at is well yeah this

is a rock what I have here is an eyebolt

in today's video I'm going to show you

how to drill into natural stone like

this rock here and secure a fastener in

our case we're going to be installing

this eye bolt let me show you how it's



so what you're going to need to get

started is you're definitely going to

need the right drill bit so what we have

here is we have a diamond-encrusted

carbide drill bit it's a masonry bit and

you want to use this in combination with

a hammer drill such as this one here or

you can use a roto hammer as well either

one will make quick work of it now you

want to make certain before you drill

anything that you're wearing safety