HOW TO DRIVE SCREWS (without splitting wood!) | Woodworking BASICS

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you can drive a screw with or without

drilling a pilot hole first a lot of it

depends upon the type of screw you use

and the project you're building of

course there's nothing wrong with

drilling a pilot hole every single time

if you aren't sure for a shop project or

larger construction project such as this

workbench I made from two by fours

I don't bother drilling pilot holes you

could just drive the screws right into

the lumber it's fast and efficient but

for nicer woodworking projects you run

the risk of splitting the wood if you

don't drill holes first especially near

the end of a board drilling a pilot hole

lets the threads of the screw cut into

the walls of the hole rather than

forcing the fibers of the wood apart

this creates a stronger connection Plus

having a hole will help keep the screw