Drilling through walls

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this video is going to demonstrate ultra

drill and all through a while but more

importantly it's going to show you how

to protect the cable either pay then you

push through the wall afterwards so you

can see we've got a cable that we need

to feed through a wall and there we've

got a scrap piece of John guest ten


speedfit babe and you can see that it's

ten millimeters if you put in something

bigger through the wall you can use a

larger diameter pipes which is a 15 mil

/ 22 mil and those mere ten millimeter

SDS drill bits and you can see that it's

just slightly bigger than the pipe and

now you can see that I'm feeding the

flakes down the pipe so this is the wall

that we're going to be drilling through

and it's a cover to wall and you can see

that I've marked it already I've