How to drill hinge hinge holes in kitchen doors - Kitchen Warehouse UK LTD

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if you've received complete kitchen

units from us and the doors are not

drilled as in the handle less of the

metallic you will receive a hinge whole

cooking kit in this kit you will find

the following items so the first one

will be a jig for actually marking where

the hinges need drilling a two mill

pilot drill bit a thirty five mil hinge

hole cutter and also a set of clear and

easy to follow instructions so the next

thing to do is to decide whether or not

this is going to be a base unit or a

wall unit door and where it is going to

be hinged on the left hand side on the

right hand side so in this instance I'm

going to do this one as a left-hand

hinge base unit so the first thing to do

is a mark which side of the door I want

to drill the hinges on just as a little

indicator by putting a little cross so