How To Properly Install A Suspension Cotter Pin

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okay well we're gonna go over now is the

correct way to install a cotter pin this

is another one of my pet peeves because

literally 99.9 repeating percent of the

time when I see a cotter pin

it's done wrong and this drives me nuts

because you know it's it's a simple

thing even if you do it wrong it's gonna

work as designed but it's not always the

fact that you can do it I mean you know

when you're 12 years old and you get

something done Hey look mom no hands you

know you can be proud but as you

progress as a mechanic you also want to

have the pride of doing things right

doing things better I have not seen

another one of these videos so I'm gonna

be the lame duck that makes this video

because it pisses me off that people

don't do this right so when you look at

a cotter pin if you ever notice that