How to drill out a garage door handle lock

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this is a door lock to a garage door

that I lost the key to and I just was

drilling it out and I thought I'd make a

quick video it's pretty easy I started

with a smaller bit just to work my way

into the keyhole here and then I used a

larger bit and as I spun the drill

this piece here just started to slide

out and you can see again I made a small

hole and then I worked my way up to a

bigger bit and within just a couple

minutes I was able to get this piece out

and once this piece is out here with the

tumblers then you're able to turn it

completely to take it back into your

garage so it only takes a couple minutes

so it really isn't that hard which is

good if you lose a key but it's bad if

you're in the wrong neighborhood and

somebody want to stick it in your garage

because it's it's that easy it just