How to Grind and Use a Flat Bottom Drill

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every now and then I'll run across the

part that requires a flat-bottomed hole

maybe a hole

a compression spring or counterbored for

a socket head cap screw or maybe a

clearance counterbored for the head of

an ejector pin something like that

something that doesn't require a lot of

precision just basically just a

clearance hole it was that's the way we

play as we can do that on a milling

machine we can set up a boring head we

can bore it or if we have an end mill

the right diameter we can use an end

mill and just plunge cut the bore but if

we don't we don't need a hole that's a

precise diameter the easiest and

quickest way to do that is just use a

flat bottomed drill and an added

advantage of using a flat bottomed

drills that you can do it in a drill