How to Drill and Install a Dryer Vent - the Easy way!

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so this is what you need to do this job

buck this off Amazon it's a four inch

core drill bit which was a board drill I

don't all the guys this guy and I bought

this little adapter this was this was

like 40 bucks and this was like a ten

dollar adapter just screws in there so a

3/8 drill chuck can go right onto it

then I'm gonna try to drill through that

wall which is like a 14 inch wall

through this side to go into the strata

here that's currently that dryer is

running down through this wall and out

there and then it does this crazy loop

so trying to make it more efficient so

here it goes

I put on gloves so you can locate around

my wrists

it's working yeah sure

is it fine cinder block the cake go

through the other for the cinder block