Deadbolt Installation on Metal Door

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hello everyone today we're going to be

installing a deadbolt on the steel door

what we have is a steel door that's

insulated so we've got a layer of steel

wood and another layer of steel to go

through this is intimidating that anyone

don't let it be this is a pretty easy

job and there are tools readily

available to help the average homeowner

get through this project and that's what

I really tried to preach on this channel

is if you start with the right tools you

can do the work yourself and not have to

pay someone else to do it for you

luckily YouTube University use exists as

well so that resources there for YouTube

and starting with the right tools the

right tool in this case is the Erwin

door lock installation kit so you can

see it works with metal and wood doors

we've got a nice jig to drill our