How to Drill a Larger Doorknob Hole

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normally replacing the doorknob give

very simple matter but the hole in this

older door which used to fit a standard

sized doorknob is no longer the hole

size you need to fit today's standard

sized doorknob in fact you need a larger

hole in order to get a new doorknob to

fit in there so the old standard size

hole was an inch and 3/4 the new

standard size hole is 2 inches in 1/8 so

we're going to need to take this door

off and bar larger hole so to drill our

hole in the door we'll need to remove

the door and we want to do that by

removing the hinges from the jamb don't

take them from the door side take them

off from the jail once you have the door

off the hinges you want to lie it down

on a flat surface we're outside if

you're fortunate to have a workshop or

indoor area where you can put your door