How to Drill a Well by Hand

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walking miss Pacific alone today I'm

gonna show you how I drilled that well

by hand and installed a pitcher pump so

we can have water in our backyard

let's begin we're gonna build this wall

right here at the back of my building we

plan on having a fire pit right over

here in a near-future also it'll be good

to have some independent water out here

to help clean this area we don't have to

bring the water out so I'm gonna use

this is a hand auger and you literally

have to dig this by hand you add

extensions and let's see how this goes

there's a bunch of rocks now a good idea

to keep in mind is whenever you're

digging up soil it's always good to have

some kind of a tarp or some kind of a

catch so that the soil that comes out

first can be the last that goes back in

or in other words the soil that comes