How to Install A Deadbolt Lock - How to Install a New Door Lock In 5 Simple Steps

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Welcome back to SILVER EAGLE LOCKSMITH Las Vegas

YouTube Channel. in this video today

We're going to show you how to drill a

Hole for a Deadbolt Lock for: wooden,

fiber glass or metal door.

don't go anywhere!

ok guys, so in today's tools to install a

New Deadbolt you will need for safety

Dust Mask, Safety Glasses - very

important! and other tools you'll need a

hammer, tape measure

you need a kit to install the strike plate

a Chizel 3/4", and 1"

like to use this kit that

being sold on the hardware store

it's going to save you a lot of time and

money if you want to do it with that kit

trust me I've been doing it for years.

you will need a actual drill a driver

and 1/8" drill bit.

ok the very first thing you want to