How to drill a cylinder lock - Yale, euro or pin lock

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okay so today we're looking at drilling

locks there's all different types of

locks think these are called pin locks

or I don't know whatever they call and

this type takes flat key not map key

takes a flat key with the little

serrated teeth on it so there's this

which is the type that goes into a

sliding sorry a roller shutter door

pushes in stop it opening you're

standing Yale type lock as on most front

doors the sort of the latch on most

front doors gyro cylinder and such as

you find on all plastic modern doors

such as you know your your double glazed

doors things like that all different

types and this is a different type of

the um like the Yale type their 0 this

door Mouse there's all different

character anyway so what we're looking

at is how to overcome one of these if