Drilling Holes in Concrete Header for Curtains

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okay so here's the story I'm doing some

curtain rods and there's a Smith lintel

up there concrete and it's hard and I've

run into this problem time and time

again I never have really won the

battles to stuff so this time I've got

what's called special look at that

special drills on there and I'm gonna

use one of their small ones in my 18

volt Ryobi to see if I can get a little

hole started then I'm gonna go to a an

SDS style drill and I've got the big bad

drill rig down there yesterday I was

doing this I tried doing it with the

ryobi that didn't work I tried an

electric drill a hammer drill but it

didn't have enough umph now this is one

of those special drills that I was using

in the ryobi yesterday and it really

wasn't doing anything in the ryobi or

the electric drill either one of those