How to Sweep a Chimney - Do it Yourself & Save Money - Warren Nash

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hey guys it's Warren here and today I'm

out of the kitchen because I'm gonna be

showing you how to sweep a chimney now

this kind of thing if you're ever in

doubt always consult a qualified

professional and I'm also going to leave

some notes which I urge you to read at

the end of this video and also in the

description below so please give them a

read before sweeping your own chimney so

as you've probably gathered I'm gonna be

sweeping my wood-burning stove but the

principles are very much the same if

you've got an open fire as well so I'll

explain the differences as they go along

if there are any for an open fire so

let's get started I've got myself a

chimney brush a 16 inch chimney brush

and a six inch one as well and this is

what I use to go through the chimney pot

at the top of the chimney and I've also