DIY Water Well Drilling - 6 Ways To Drill Your Own Well in 2018

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If you're watching this video you probably want to drill your own water well,

and I'm going to briefly summarize the six main ways you can do that.

There's a lot of confusion. It's hard to figure out exactly

what you're doing when you first start out in this.

I work in the well drilling industry, so it's very easy for me to summarize

exactly what you need.

So your options are like this. They've been drilling wells by hand for

thousands of years.

You take a shovel. You go out and you dig a hole in the ground about three foot around

and you keep going until your feet touch water.

This is a lot of work as you may imagine; it's also kind of dangerous because the

walls can collapse on you, and it's limited by the fact that the deeper you go,

the father it is to pull that dirt back out of the well and the more dangerous

and more risk of cave in there is,

so if you have to go more than about 20 or 30 feet

it's really not a great option. You can do deeper than that,

but it's not recommended by pretty much anybody.

Next you have what's called a well point. Now you can drive a spike about a 4 foot

long, 2 inch diameter spike in the ground.

You just keep adding length of pipe to the top of it, and you just put a hammer

and you go bang and bang and bang