How to drill into a tile wall without cracking it

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hi in this video I'm going to

demonstrate how to drill a hole in a

tile wall now as you can see I want to

hang this little picture here and it

needs to be hung on this tar wall now

yes I know you can get stick on hooks

which you can put on here and attach

your picture frame whatever it is but

sometimes you want to drill into the

wall and this is the point of this video

okay so you want to mark off on the wall

way you want to drill now my advice is

don't put it between tiles don't put it

right on the edge of a table because it

often cracks my advice is try put it

quite central so I'm gonna make the

little mark here I've made the mark yeah

that's what I want to drill the hole

right now you'll need plugs nylon plugs

this is the plug and you can see the

size of this plug this is a seven