How to drill through the centre of a bolt | drill bolt guide

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in a previous video I used some cap head

or socket head bolts like that with a hole

drilled down the center to remove some

broken bolts obviously if you've got access

to a lathe with a three jaw Chuck

drilling something like that is

incredibly easy I can simply put it in

the lathe and drill straight through it

with minimal setup however most people

do not have access to a lathe so in this

video we're going to drill directly down

the center of a bolt like that using a

pillar drill. To set up the pillar

drill you will need either a piece of

threaded bar or a bolt the same diameter as

the bolt that you want to drill through. Here I am cutting the head off this M12 bolt

before we drill this in the pillar drill I'll just show you the easy

way on the lathe simply put the bolt in

the chuck ensuring that you grip it

with the head insert an m6 drill bit

into the chuck normally would use the