How to enlarge a hole saw or core drill hole

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the may come a time when you cotton all

through a wall or to a piece of material

and they stay in correct size if it's

too big you have to fill the oil in if

the old that you have made is too small

and you need to enlarge it this can be a

problem it's often difficult enlarging

and all that's made by an old sort by a

quadrille but I'm going to show you a

quick way of how to get around it so

demonstrate this technique of cutting

oil to that piece of wood and I've

realized that the oil is too small so I

need to walk with the next size also

obviously you cannot start that in there

because the IVA has nothing to grip so

it's impossible to start that drill on

there it'll just skid it all over the

place if therefore I've cut a piece out

using a piece of scrap material that

will fit in there and I've done that