Tech Team 00756 Setting Up and Using a 6 Inch Hole Saw

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Tech team number seven five six hole-saw

includes the six inch saw and Arbor with

a pilot drill a drive pin yoke and a nut

to assemble the saw it's fairly simple

take the arbor with the pilot drill

insert it into the saw snap it into


thusly take the drive pin yoke put it

over the top hit the pins into the holes

then take the nut with the open side

down and thread it on to the stem of the

arbor hand tight is sufficient using the

hole saw is a fairly simple affair

simply put the shaft of the auger into

your drill and tighten it in place using

your hole saw as a simple affair simply

put the pilot drill in the center of

where you want to drill the hole then

using the low speed setting on the drill

begin to make your hole

apply steady gradual pressure