Drilling holes in concrete, simple,,,w/the right tools!

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hello folks Luke Simon's with you back

to the basics 101 we are putting a

little concrete in about our family camp

which is our church organization we have

a huge family camp and it's it's

absolutely a blast but the concrete

we're tying into an old step system so

you have to drill holes into it right

put rebar out of it so that the concrete

itself doesn't mess around doesn't slide

down or time back down over time they

asked me to do it I'm saying oh yeah

all I've ever been used to is old hammer

drills that are have like an option of

hammer drilling and they're horrid one

drill bit for one hole that's all you

can get out of them it seems like you're

lucky you get three holes out of them

and you're sitting there all day long it

feels like you're dying check this out

now this is my father's hammer drill