How to drill large holes in metal using a hole saw

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it can be difficult cutting larger

diameter holes in metal especially when

you are at home you don't have a massive

drill press we're going to use this

small bench drill to drill through some

5 millimeter mild steel plates and we're

using an awl source to do that if you've

got a variable speed pin the drill you'd

need to set it on to a law speed you do

not want it going fast when you are

using all saws you can see that I've put

a piece of sacrificial wood underneath

salsa once we go through the metal we're

not going to damage the base of the

pillar drill you'll also notice that

this piece of metal is actually jammed

up against the pillar at the back so if

the actual also does grab all of the

metal and spin it's not actually going

to go anywhere and I've also got two

good-quality clumps on there and they