How To Cut PERFECTLY CIRCULAR HOLES! (Hole Saw Bit/Circle Bit--Cut Circles in Wood, Drywall, PVC!)

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how do trades people make these

perfectly circular holes in wood and

other materials

most new diyers think you have to drill

a hole and cut a circle with a jigsaw

but that's not the best way to do it

what you really need is a drill and a

special kind of bit

and that's what we're talking about

today on the honest carpenter show

to make these perfectly circular holes

in wood carpenters use something called

a hole saw a bit

a hole saw is a deep-throated circular

bit with serrated teeth

so when it spins against the surface it

basically cuts a perfect hole at a

certain diameter

hole saws are used for everything from

cutting lock set holes for door knobs

to knotting out drywall for can lights